In the world of street foods and popular fast foods, chicken is the most appreciable thing. And, if you are talking about the crispy, fried, grilled and baked chicken items – my God, you can feel the taste in your neurons.

There are many benefits that health generates in poultry. The lean breast of the bird is low in fat and calories and high in protein, which is ideal for maintaining weight. Not to mention that it is full of vitamins and essential nutrients. Also, with so many ways to prepare this daring protein, your family will not tire of the chicken as a frequent weekly menu. Before, going any further, let’s have a look on the benefits.

High in protein

If you are looking for a great source of lean protein that is low in fat, chicken is the answer. The protein in chicken contributes to muscle growth, improves development and helps maintain a healthy body weight and lose weight.

It is one of the healthiest meats that exist. Chicken is a low-fat and very nutritious food, whose proteins are easily digested by the body. It is a great source of protein, which also provides basic minerals for the proper functioning of the organism such as calcium and potassium. Without forgetting the vitamins of the B complex or other important aspects such as the few calories it contains.

Chicken nutrients

The chicken’s nutrients change depending on the part you are going to consume. The white areas are not the same as the dark ones. The latter have more percentage of zinc, iron and B vitamins, but in return they also boast of providing more calories.

Experts advise reserving chicken strings for people who want to gain weight in a healthy way or who suffer from anemia. While if you look for the opposite effect to lose weight, you will focus on the white parts, such as the breasts. You will have to pay close attention for its negative connotations to the fat that surrounds it. There are many people who enjoy this part, but it is not advisable if you intend to lose weight due to the important number of calories.

Conclusion: Chicken preparation

To get a healthier dish you just have to cook it grilled or baked, while if you prepare fried with low calorie oil, the dish will not gain in fat and calories.

Sorry, what? You do not know how to cook the delicious food? Then, what to do? gives you the chance to taste the grilled, fried and crispy chicken, at any time you want. And, if it comes in Taiwanese recipe and spice, you must not miss the opportunity to taste the best street fast food in town.