Some people choose to become a vegetarian as a form of a healthy lifestyle. Being a vegan certainly can not be arbitrary. If you really intend to switch to eating vegetables instead of meat, pay attention to the following things.

You may be interested in living a vegan lifestyle but something is holding you back. I don’t know what kind of food I’m eating until I’m used to eating meat so I’m afraid I’ll get bored. Plus many eateries serving delicious non vegan food. That becomes one of the points to discourage being vegan.


Even though there are many benefits that can be obtained if you want to become a vegetarian. You will be fresher, your body lighter, all cholesterol and high blood pressure will go down and what is certain is that an ideal and healthy body can be achieved.

First Steps to Be Vegan

To be a vegetarian is not easy. There are many exams given. But there are steps one can take to get started as a vegan.

Make Meals Easy to Make

The biggest test of a vegan is creativity. This is because you may like non vegan food but want to make vegan food like non vegan. Well, that requires special skills. It’s a good idea to start with the easy one first. For example by changing porridge to fruit and milk or bread and jam. Then you can also eat green vegetables or whole grains.

Prepare a Meal Plan

It’s a good idea to prepare your own food so you don’t miss out. You can also make a weekly list of vegan foods that you can make. Then buy the ingredients and be disciplined with the schedule.

Increase Portions

If you usually reduce portions, it’s time to increase portions. Vegan food is low in calories so it makes anyone hungry quickly. So you can just add more.

Join the Community

Some of you may need moral support and experience from others. Joining a vegan community can also help you become a successful vegan. In addition, you can exchange information and recipes among members. And you can also eat at a vegetarian restaurant with the community without feeling confused about eating vegan food.


All of the above will not work without intention. Make a firm decision that you want to be vegan. You can do some research beforehand and also make you aware of the exams that will come when you start being vegan. It’s a good idea to try the 30 day challenge of being vegan so that your intention will increase even more.


Food for Beginner Vegans

Being vegan is not just eating fruit. You still need other ingredients to meet the intake the body needs. There are 9 foods that can be made a choice for those of you who will start life as a vegan.


Mushrooms have many varieties, ranging from ear mushrooms, enoki, shitake, to button mushrooms. You can make mushroom soup with some vegan cheese added for extra flavour.

Peanut butter

A delicious food that you can eat as a vegan is peanut butter. You can make a vegan cookie and spread it with peanut butter or whole wheat bread and add some peanut butter on top. Yum!


Who says being vegan means not being able to eat chocolate? Vegans can eat chocolate like dark chocolate or dark chocolate.


Hummus may not be familiar to you. But if you are a Middle Eastern food lover, you will definitely like hummus. Hummus is a paste made with chickpeas, olive oil, lemon, sesame seeds and garlic. Hummus is very delicious eaten with bread and even fresh vegetables.


This one green fruit does require techniques to know when it is ripe. Some use the technique of burying it with rice, others wrap the cut end with tissue and cover with tape.

But the pleasure of this fruit is second to none. You can make avocados into juices, snacks, and even flavor-enhancing sauces. The point is also adjust to your taste.

Tofu & Soybeans

For Indonesian people, tofu and tempeh are daily foods. Of course, you no longer need to adapt to eating processed soy foods. There is a lot of protein that is obtained from tofu and soybeans.


You can replace cow’s milk with almond milk or replace unhealthy snacks with almonds. In addition, making smoothies or adding it to coffee, cereal, and tea adds to the enjoyment of the taste of food.


The tubers here can include potatoes, sweet potatoes, and even cassava. Types of tubers are generally carbohydrates. Apart from that, tubers can be processed by burning, boiling, steaming, or frying. Each cooking process brings out a different delicious taste.

Green Vegetables

Be thankful that we have an abundant supply of green vegetables. You can eat these green vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli, peas and so on. Green vegetables contain protein so it is good for health.