Who does not love pets? They form the companion in our loves that humans cannot possibly provide with their fake drama and redundant scenes. The pets prove to be more loyal and friendly than the technology associated human that has become a robot, hardly carrying any emotions. In cases of loneliness, the pets have known to be great partners even though they are unable to communicate in human language.

In Malaysia, people are accustomed to pets as much as the rest of the world. The question of dogs or cats remains to be the contradictory question; just like answering the Android or iPhone question, where everyone seems to have formulated an opinion they think is the best in comparison. But, you cannot deny the cuteness engulfing tiny, loving dogs and fluffball kittens. Do not judge me for calling both of the species cute!

Why Poodle in Malaysia?

However, poodle in Malaysia remains to be the most popular choice, especially in the upper end where people reside in high-rise properties. They are small ranging from 28 centimeters to 45 centimeters at most which make their bulging, round eyes pop out and their small nose is protruding below their pink tongue eventually extending the affection for their breed to a greater extent.

They are fun, loving and associable to being acquired as pets. They are sociable, making them easy to love and communicate; they can be trained within weeks, and you will have an active poodle rising on your face and tickling you with its cuteness. They are a popular choice for pets because of their uncanny resemblance towards puppies; people often are affectionate, comparatively larger, towards puppies because of their tiny feet and small, bulging, shiny eyes.

Healthy Cat Food in Malaysia for your Fur-child

Apart from poodle in Malaysia, kittens are largely favored as much as puppies to be raised as pets in different households. You can acquire healthy cat food in Malaysia easily because of the popular demand for kittens and acts as pets. Kittens are just as fragile as any other small baby of an animal; they require special care and attention because of their need to grow and develop into a mature adult.

They require special nutrients that are only available in certain formula and food made particularly for breeds like them. Every breed of any species requires a certain amount of nutrients and a specific diet plan to grow properly and with all metabolic functions working effectively to attain a healthy system within the body.

Just like cats, kitten nutrition food is essential for the said species’ food plan. The immune system gradually grows into a stable system which is why a set of proper required nutrients combined together to associate effectively to the system is needed. A balanced diet of proteins, vitamin D, minerals and calcium is required in order to attain the respective support necessary for growth and development of a kitten. The nutrients will help the animal to strengthen its bones and muscles which will make it strong enough to carry out basic daily activities until it reaches the mature adult stage.