The culinary business has never known the term quiet enthusiasts. Why do so many people look at culinary business as their choice? One answer, because running a business in the culinary field is not too difficult and the profit potential is quite large. All that is needed is the skill to process good food or drinks. Want to know the culinary business is tempting with small business capital? You could even create a brand for your culinary business. Here is a small capital business in the culinary world that you can run.

1. Culinary business of various snacks

You certainly understand why snacks are first in the culinary business in this article. Of course you can see, all age ranges from children to the elderly are happy with a variety of snacks. How not? This food is cheap and can accompany all activities. One popular type of snack is snack. Snack becomes the right choice when relaxing. Well, for you (new) entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurship world, there is nothing wrong in trying this culinary snack business. As a first step you can try with snacks such as snacks, chips, or other pastries. It would be better if you also have the skills to make your own products so that the profits obtained will be greater. Take advantage of the moment of Eid or Christmas to increase turnover by promoting pastries typical of your own holiday. If you have the ability in this field, don’t ever be wasted.

2. Culinary business of various thirst-releasing drinks

Wow, in all activities, from school to work, there is sure to be provisions or drinks. Of course! When carrying out activities there are definitely times when thirsty. So, fresh drinks or juices can be your culinary business opportunity. This business is very easy to run. You can target the market among teens and students by innovating drinks or various juices with various unique containers, unique flavors and names that arouse curiosity. In addition, you can also re-popularize traditional drinks such as ginger juice, bajigur, or bandrek with a more modern look. In running this business you must be smart to find a good place, a place that is easy to reach many people, especially among students.

3. Various crispy and fried culinary business

This culinary can be said to be favored by all people in various ages. Moreover, fried food is known for low prices and is perfect to enjoy with warm drinks in the afternoon.

In order not to impress monotonous, make fried with different shapes such as fried cassava cheese, feathered fried bananas, various shapes of cireng, spicy tofu contents, and so on. This uniqueness will certainly be able to attract the attention of culinary enthusiasts.

4. Food package catering business

Business drought is never dead, along with increasing economic growth. The economic level of the Indonesian people is now also beginning to improve and the instant culture that is now spreading in the community, especially office workers and students. Thus making the culinary business of catering growing rapidly.

In the past, our community rarely used catering services when organizing events, but it is different from now where people prefer ketering services. This ketering business has good prospects, considering that almost all people need ketering services with the reason to look for convenience, instant and ready to serve.

You don’t have to start this home business with big capital. You can start with modest business capital and makeshift equipment in your kitchen. For raw material costs, you can ask for a down payment or down payment for the food order that you will make so you can reduce the capital cost of making the food.

If your catering business is growing, certainly does not rule out the possibility to develop a business with a larger scale and also provides buffet tools, tarub and others.

5. Culinary business various snack archipelago

Various snacks here means you serve typical food from various regions. Wow, of course there are many who like both the people of Indonesia even foreign tourists visiting. You can start with a simple archipelago food stall tent, but the menu is quite varied and for quite varied prices.

Basically, to run a culinary business is quite easy, you just need to find a good place, close to the consumer market and have the ability to process various foods that are in great demand. You are certainly tempted by a promising culinary business, right? You can even start with a small capital you know. What do you think? Or do you actually have a culinary business with a unique idea that has never been done? Please be calculated and happy culinary business!