Mark Hurd’s Achievements In IT Industry

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"It was really interesting for the whole world to see the board of directors of HP to ask Mark Hurd CEO of HP to resign from his duties. The story was popular on all the news channels. There were many gossips and rumors that were led into the market along with the resignation of Mark. However, these gossips could not rule his skills and he became the CEO of Oracle in no time.

Mark Hurd is a very popular name in the Technology industry. He has got many achievements in his life from schooling time to business time. Some of the achievements made by Mark are mentioned below.

  • Mark was not from IT industry, but still he has dominated the industry with his vision and thinking. Mark has a degree in bachelors of Business Administration and started his career as a sales person but with the passing time, he has showed his interest towards management and administration. His vision and thinking made him the CEO of three leading technology giants.
  • Mark has a profile on LinkedIn and has more than 160,000 followers. According to the position and experience that he holds, he should not have LinkedIn profile but still he has managed to build his profile on LinkedIn.
  • There are thousands of videos that are uploaded on youtube which are somehow related to Mark. There are already millions of Mark fans that are present on YouTube and they have watched every single video and interview of Mark that is uploaded on YouTube. Every video has crossed 1 million views.
  • Mark’s twitter account has just thousands of followers where as LinkedIn profile has millions of followers. You can compare both the figures to see where Mark has dominated his presence the most. Mark is always attracted towards technology and growth not towards building his social figures and followers.